ecologic - spike toothpick holder

It is the search for purity of form and material that drives my passion for design, from small products like the SAP salt & pepper shakers to one off furniture pieces it is a process of material exploration. Often the material is left raw to allow for time to make its mark and assist in creating an ever changing dialogue between the object and the user.

One shouldn't be precious about using an eko|ogic product, sure it should be cared for but more importantly it should be used and enjoyed. Through such enjoyment and use the product will develop a patina and texture that hints to and records its past.

The scope of materials is deliberately limited, limited to those that are readily available, certified and sustainably managed. One of Tasmania's most beautiful and readily available natural materials is Tasmanian Oak and its colouring, durability and management make it perfect for eko|ogic's products.

I trust you will enjoy the range of products and if you have any questions about eko|ogic please contact me directly.

Rye Dunsmuir - Designer
Rye Dunsmuir - Designereko|ogic

NEW - SAP eco salt and papper shakers
KUB.19 eco kitchen ware SAP eco salt and pepper shakers KUB.35 eco kitchenware SPIKE eco toothpick holder

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