Huon Pine



Huon Pine – Lagarostrobos franklinii, endemic to Tasmania is a highly valued natural resource due to its golden glow, fine grain and natural resistance to rot and some pests due to the natural generation of methyl eugenol – which also provides the unique scent.

The natural wonders of Huon Pine were first discovered by the early settlers to Van Diemens Land with vast tracks of forest harvested by convicts to supply timbers to the then bustling boat building trade. The felling of living Huon Pine trees is illegal and stocks of timber from this recourse has been largely recovery through previously forested areas and from the depths of the Hydro power dams that were flooded in the 1970’s. Its thought that the creation of the dams equates to around 15% of the natural habitat for Huon Pine.

Most of the Huon Pine salvaged to this day comes from the forest remnants of trees felled by pre-war Piners from the 1890’s through 1930’s and timbers put into a reserve prior to the flooding of the river systems for the hydro power scheme.

We pride ourselves on maximising the value of this amazing natural resource and make use of shorts, seconds and materials discarded by industries including boat building which typically require longer lengths of sawn timber.


ZZ Pen - Huon Pine Timber Pen Holder by Ekologic